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Manchester Blinds

Currently, and for the past 20 years or more there are a lot of New Build developments in and around Manchester. There is great demand for window blind companies is this area. The staff of Smiths Blinds have been working in and around Manchester manufacturing and installing blinds for over 20 years. Because of our experience in the field of blinds and window dressing our knowledge has helped over ten thousand people in the Greater Manchester area choose the right colours and styles for their homes. When you call Smiths Blinds to help with your Blinds in the Manchester area you can be rest assured of highly experienced measurers and fitters. Even in our Blinds Showroom in Salford our experienced advisers are on hand with over 20 years experience helping the people of Greater Manchester choose the right blinds for their homes.

We are constantly working with big developers in the housing market which, we feel, gives us the edge in competitiveness, cost efficiency and also helps us to stay in front with the latest fashions and designs.

When you choose to buy blinds in Manchester use Smiths Blinds as one of your three quotes and you won't be disappointed even if you get our great advice for free. See what others have to say about our blinds in Manchester on our other sites and social networking sites.