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Café-style shutters

Café style shutters cover only part of the window and give a lovely continental feel.  This chic design gives you the opportunity to enjoy the privacy of the shutters whilst still experiencing the sunlight into the room.
This shutter style is perfect for kitchens and road facing rooms where privacy is at a premium.  They're great as a decorative element to your window and a fantastic way to enhance existing window features such as stained glass or low arches.  This allows you to still experience the original design of the window whilst enjoying the elegant style of shutters.

Why Choose Café Style

  • Choose from a varied range of wood stains or painted shades, you can also mix up your own magic with your own custom colours
  • Waterproof options available if required suitable for wet areas, kitchens and bathrooms
  • All our colonial shutters are available with louvres or solid bases